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Jun. 25th, 2007



So  last weekend Shannon and I went to Columbus to see Wicked, and well that's really all that needs to be said.


Jun. 7th, 2007


If you're going to preach, for gods sake preach with conviction.

So school is over, which is extremely exciting.  Although I have nothing to do over the summer, except for Wicked which is in like 16 days.  But the carnival is next week which is going to be fun.

Oh, on the last day of school me & shannon had a "bonfire" at my place.  Well, it was more like a movie night, because we never ended up doing a fire because we suck and it rained a little.  But to make up for it we're having a kick ass bonfire next Saturday at Shannon's which is gonna be crazy fun.  And we're having a crazy Tony party on Sunday at my place. :]  After July 1st my summer is going to get progressively more boring than  it is right now, because until that date I have plans.

Wicked - 16 Days :]

May. 9th, 2007

Book Slut

& there's just so much to see

So Shannon, Sara, Sean, Jake, Ryan, and Myself have a great plan to get up to New York to see Rent with Adam and Anthony.  It's pretty much the epitome of teenage stupidity, but it's also fucking amazing.

As stolen from Shannons LJ
It will go something like this:

Friday, August 10th
11:15 PM Leave for NYC via Greyhound

Saturday, August 11th
8:00 AM Arrive in NYC
8:00 PM See RENT

Sunday, August 12th
12:45 PM Leave for Pittsburgh
11:15 PM Arrive home in Pittsburgh

So the only problem we have so far is where we are going to sleep, hotel? central park?  SOMEWHERE!  So, for six teenagers to plan a trip, alone, to New York one problem isn't bad.

May. 8th, 2007

Book Slut


So, me and shannon purchased Wicked tickets for June 23rd in Columbus and I'm pretty excited.  And today my orchestra director announced that when we go to New York in Fall we'll be seeing Wicked there too.  And do to amazing planning I might be seeing Rent with Adam & Anthony :] which makes my life.  Uhm, nothing else interesting is happening, boring life boring school


May. 1st, 2007


Can't get no love without sacrifice

I saw The Invisible on friday with Samantha and Matthew, which was interesting considering my father almost killed Matt.  Anyway, I have nothing really to write but I haven't updated in a while so I thought that I would because I'm just that cool.  So, Spiderman 3 comes out this friday which will be good and me & Shannon's three year anniversary is this Saturday, Cinco De Mayo & National Sex Day.  I want to hang out with Matt but I doubt I will :[.   Nothing else to write.


Apr. 22nd, 2007


Oh Snap.

So my parents bought me tickets to see  Beauty & the Beast May 11th, which makes me extremely happy.  And then I'm trying to figure out a way to buy Andre Rieu tickets so me & shannon can go see him, which would be oh so amazing.

Splash Lagoon was fucking amazing :].  Steelers vs. Faculty basketball game Saturday?  Orchestra concert tomorrow night.  Nothing else to write really.

Apr. 16th, 2007


Do you scream my name when you mastrubate?

So Strings North was amazing.  Painful, but amazing.  Heinz Hall concert thing tomorrow I'm just going to stay after and go down on the bus I believe.  Uhm.  Splash Lagoon is this Friday, after which I believe I'm going to hang out with Samantha .. maybe.  Uhm, hanging out with the family last weekend was interesting, as always.  I don't think anything else is going on.

Wait, I'm most likely going to Minnesota for the majority of the month of July to stay with Christina & Zach, which will be pretty fun.

Well, nothing else is new that I can think of.

Apr. 11th, 2007


Chauntelle's gonna die, from being nervous and exhaustion.

Tomorrow is Strings North, Chauntelle is nervous just because it's playing with people other than the orchestra which is used to whatever shortcomings I have in playing.  Also it's like whoa I'm going to play with a different conductor, which I've only ever done once.  I'm nervous, I really have no reason to be, but I am.  Because I am not that amazing at the music, I should have practiced more. FUCK!

And within the next week Chauntelle is going to also die from exhaustion.

Thursday - Leaving at 7:30 a.m. from school for Strings North,practice ALL Day then concert at 7:00. ///Shannon's Birthday

Friday - Missing another day of school for orchestra.  Bayer Audience of the future meeting.  Will be back before eighth period though.
Then after school going to my aunt's for the weekend

Saturday -  Going to see my cousin get baptised dinner with entire family in Cranberry

Sunday -     Church   Yet another dinner with family, then coming home sometime sunday night

Monday - I get to make up all my work from Thursday & Friday

Tuesday - Bayer concert, but I will be in school all day.  But I'll be missing dance once again.

Wednesday - Doctor's appt. down in pittsburgh

Thursday - Get all work caught up

Friday - Only going to be in school for three periods, then to Splash Lagoon with ORCHESTRA won't be home until 11:30


Apr. 2nd, 2007


Me, Church, Easter? WTF?

 So, I went with Shannon to her church musical and you know I  just had to make a mockery of people praying.  But, you know it was pretty hysterical.  And the musical thing was pretty crazy, because Jesus is like actually Jesus.  No lie.  But they didn't do the woman screaming during the rapture which totally ruined the whole musical for me because you know she's the only reason I went. :] 
I'm pretty excited about seeing Sweet Charity and Forbidden Broadway on Friday and Saturday with Shannon.  But you know of course I had to download the soundtracks to both and my computer keeps getting slower and slower.  Because I have crazy amounts of music on here, but it actually isn't slowing it down that much for how much I have. 
Tomorrow I have to go to my grandpa's retirement party which is going to be pretty alright because my family is pretty crazy and you know family outings with them are always fun.  And then on Wednesday I have dinner with my other grandparents which I really dread every week, it's just so boring.  But then to make up for it on Thursday I might be able to go get my spring clothes which makes me crazy happy. 

Anyway, I have Strings North next week which makes me crazy nervous.  Blah.  I need to order Shannon's Birthday presents, but I don't have money.  So she'll just have to wait.

Mar. 31st, 2007

Book Slut

Forbidden Broadway

So last night was Dancing with the Stars at school, and it was fucking amazing. :D

Also tomorrow I might be going to see Shannon's Church's Musical and then Friday I see Sweet Charity and Saturday I see Forbidden Broadway with Shannon for her birthday.   I can't wait!!

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